My experience with CLA Italy was “exactly” what I needed — musically, culturally, emotionally. I hadn’t felt such artistic freedom in a long time, nor had I known just how melodic the Italian language truly is. I thank Glenn and Ubaldo for providing young singers with a program that leaves you with a taste for what the Italians mean by “bel canto”… La Lingua Della Lirica is a gem of a summer.

Michelle Geffner, soprano, LLL ‘16

“CLA provides the opportunity to work closely with the masters on a daily basis in the birthplace of the music itself, where singers experience the gruelling yet delicious work of understanding the style and the nuances of the language. CLA has been a huge part of my inward journey, and I am extremely grateful to Glenn and all of his colleagues who have accompanied me.”

-Briana Hunter, mezzo, LLL ’10, ’11, ACF ’13

“I get here and am asked to make music the way I always knew it should be made. I learned more from my lessons with Ubaldo, who only speaks Italian, than I did in four years at University. These three weeks have truly been out of a dream. This has been the greatest summer of my life.” -John Viscardi, baritone, LLL ’09, ACF ‘14

“Thank you for everything – this month has been one that I will treasure for the rest of my life as an artist. I am so unbelievably excited now, heading back to the US to continue my studies with this inspiration.”
-Dorothy Gal, soprano, LLL ’13, ACF ‘14

“Coming to Italy is a very precious opportunity for us. There are many wonderful teachers explaining the concepts of language and singing. This helps us to improve quickly. You can see the changes right away. These changes are essential in order to really advance, and this gives us a competitive advantage.”
-Xiaomeng Zhang, baritone, LLL ‘14

“I’m already applying many of the techniques and methods I learned in Italy, after having spent a wonderful month in the midst of musical excellence and progress, especially in terms of phrasing and diction. The program in Novafeltria, helmed by Glenn Morton, was truly a rewarding and inspiring experience, and marked a formative period in my career as an opera singer. Above all I am delighted about the program’s quality and success. It has shown me how deep into detail one can go, in terms of vocal technique and refinement.”
-Sean Christensen, tenor, LLL ‘13

“The most important thing is Michel Sénéchal, because he’s always talking about his masters. Sometimes he says: “Nadia Boulanger told me that. Poulenc said that”. And so it’s like a direct legacy with all these amazing musicians. So it’s something that you don’t get anywhere else. Michel often says: now you will have to pass that on, you are the one who will have to explain this. So it’s a feeling like we are a part of that family of musicians, like we are the next generation.”
-Laetitia Ruccolo, pianist ACF ’12, ’13, ’14

“After knowing Glenn Morton for a short time during my incredible experience at La Lingua della Lirica, I came to appreciate his unbending determination to always strive for excellence as an artist and as a first rate educator. When I found out about Glenn being co-artistic director of L’Art du Chant Français, it was an opportunity difficult to resist. L’Art du Chant Français exceeded my expectations on two levels. The first is the quality of the training and the second is the level of concern all of the staff have for the participants’ development. There are no words I can use to express my gratitude for spending time with such a phenomenal artist, singer, and teacher as Maître Michel Sénéchal. I give both La Lingua della Lirica and L’Art du Chant Français my highest recommendation.”
-Erina Newkirk, soprano, LLL ’11, ACF ’12

“This program is incredible because it is based on language. Over the course of the program, what I observed was a transformation. By the end of the program the singers are singing from their souls. Then the connection is made that the arias are expressing something fundamental about what it means to be alive.”
-Alden Gatt, pianist and conductor, LLL ’13, ‘14

“I still keep the memories from LLL 2010 stored in my heart. Thank you for letting me be a part of this great family of music and friends.”
-Courtney Johnson, soprano, LLL ’10

ACF: L’Art du Chant Français/CLA France
LLL: La Lingua della Lirica/CLA Italy