Immersive language and cultural training programs for pre-professional classical singers, held each summer in France and Italy.

Classic Lyric Arts is a nonprofit organization that supports developing young artists in the field of opera. Singers polish their craft by exploring the traditions and techniques of bel canto and the art of French singing.





classic lyric arts FRANCE: June 2-25, 2020

Established in 2012, this program held in France explores the art of French singing through the prism of lyric diction and French poetry


classic lyric arts ITALY: jul 19-aug 13, 2020

Established in 2009, this program in Italy explores the art of bel canto through the relationship between lyric singing and the musicality of the Italian language



To inspire emerging opera singers to achieve their artistic potential by teaching vocal repertoire through the prism of language, culture, and history.


Through our unique training, we strive to cultivate the highest caliber of classical singing, to be a catalyst for young artists to create great music, and to ensure that opera and song continue to enrich our lives.

CLA provides the opportunity to work closely with the masters on a daily basis in the birthplace of the music itself, where singers experience the grueling yet delicious work of understanding the style and the nuances of the language. CLA has been a huge part of my inward journey, and I am extremely grateful to Glenn and all of his colleagues who have accompanied me.
— Briana Hunter, mezzo-soprano
Briana and the late Michel Sénéchal, renowned tenor and former Master Teacher of Classic Lyric Arts France.

Briana and the late Michel Sénéchal, renowned tenor and former Master Teacher of Classic Lyric Arts France.


Our values are admiration, respect and commitment to excellence.

  • We admire true talent and the unique beauty at the core of the human voice

  • We respect young artists who have found their purpose in a life of making music

  • We are committed to excellence in every aspect of vocal training, to empower our young artists to achieve their artistry, perfect their craft, and realize their potential