($25000 and above)

Kathryn & Alan Stone



($10000 and above)

John & Dolores Hunter

Liebergesell Foundation

Glenn Morton & Charles Perrier

Thierer Family Foundation



Marshall Berland & John Johnson

Carol Avery Haber

Gerda Lissner Foundation

Estate of Peter Minichiello

William J. Moran

Kathleen Ritch

Barbara Saltzman Charitable Trust

Robin E. Shoemaker



Joshua Bell

Jeffrey Coe



David & Genie Ames

Lydia Ciaputa

Alan & Mary Frankel

Mark & Paula Granofsky

Meche Kroop

Arthur Levy

David McIntosh & Leslie Ritch

Peter Minichiello

Musicians Emergency Fund

Barbara & Sylvain Nagler

Antonia Pew

Dan Rabinowitz & Ann Thomas

Christopher Schuman



Marie-Claude Akhobadze

Linda Bryant

Adam Granofsky

Alfred & Christine Palladino

Christopher & Susan Preston


($250 - $499)

Lochlan Brown

Jean-François Clément & Michel Paradis

Susan Cooper

James & Susan DeCarlo

Joseph & Cecilia DeMatteo

Kate Draper

Jacob & Christina Goldstein

Eloise Jackson

Gabriella Lorenzotti

Alice & Joe Perdue

William J. Ronayne

Eliot Rowlands/Deborah Stone

Penelope Rowlands

Eunice Siegeltuch

Vesper Foundation

Amy White

Infinite gratitude to these and to all our supporters who believe in our mission to develop the talent of young artists and to inspire them to fulfill their potential in the field of opera and song.