Excerpts from December Newsletter 2017: A Letter from Glenn Morton


Celebrating CLA '17/Preparing CLA '18

As we wrap up an extraordinary year at Classic Lyric Arts, having now accomplished 15 summer training programs in Italy and France, and approaching the milestone of our 10th year at CLA Italy, the question at the heart of our work is: what does it mean for each of us to be part of the journey of a young artist? How important is it for us to help an aspiring musician realize their potential to find a unique way to impact their world? I myself can't imagine anything more crucial. 

     It's fascinating to observe the diverse career paths of our participants; for some it's about top graduate schools, coveted young artist programs, competition prizes, professional contracts; for others it's about creating new opera companies and lecture series, obtaining professorships, a Broadway debut, a Fulbright scholarship, and even teaching music to children in the Bronx.  Success in music has a thousand pathways, but dedication to quality is the common denominator. 

     I'm starting to see that Classic Lyric Arts, as an organization, is taking on an energy of its own, fueled by the very good people who are attracted to our mission and are consequently helping us to impact the careers of our young artists more powerfully. I feel that my personal title should perhaps be curator--like someone in a gallery who chooses fine paintings and presents them at their splendid best. The curator is neither the painter nor the painting, but simply the person who understands and loves what's beautiful about them. That's how I feel about this music, these languages, these cultures, and most especially about these young artists that give us hope for the future. I'm glad to have you with us on this journey.