Excerpts from January Newsletter 2017: A Letter from Glenn Morton

0334-nd7-2017-06-20-Naresse-47-église St Eloi-claf-GileannT & DanielaM.jpg

Mentoring an emerging generation of exceptional singers is the mission of Classic Lyric Arts. Illuminating a path to understanding the music of language is our method. 2016 marked our 8th year of CLA Italy and our 5th of CLA France. Each new season brings a group of extraordinary young singers to Europe to study the techniques and traditions of French and Italian opera and song with master teachers focused on the interconnection of language and great singing. We believe that a singer, authentically and honestly telling a story through music, has the power to move us, inspire us and illuminate our common humanity. Our conviction is that the keys to beautiful, engaging and powerful singing lie hidden in language itself. Within words exist the elements of song--the colors of vowels, the expression of consonants, the gesture of a phrase, the telling of a story--elements that are part of a journey without end.